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Design & development packages to suit your needs, big and small

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Whatever your budget or needs, we work with you for a personalised solution

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We are full service, offering hosting, domains & even managed mailing list options


No two businesses are exactly alike, so no two packages should be either.

We have some ready-to-go, but still highly customisable website packages to fit straightforward needs or lower budgets.

We also have fully custom package. Below are some examples of what you can expect, depending on the level of your needs, but we don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution. We get to know you, your website needs, how much support you need to get up and running, and then create a package just for you.

Read on to find out more, or get in touch if you’re ready for your own website!

How our packages work

How our packages work

We do it a little differently – normally you pay a lot upfront for a website design. Then you have to pay for the hosting, domain names & any other costs in addition to that. And if you want help after the initial set-up, you have to hire some else for that too. Not to mention the project-management of all these separate parts and people to get what you want.

Or you can try to do it all yourself to save money. But there are still plenty of fees involved in that, plus you are learning WordPress on your own….

It’s a headache. I know, because we have been there. Doing it alone without support – which sounds like a great idea to save money – can end being so time consuming, spending most of your time researching, googling and trying to learn how to do it all yourself.

And never mind the frustration when things go wrong and you don’t even know why.

And you find the costs just keep stacking up anyway. You start out thinking you can do it all for free, since you’re doing it yourself — then discover all the ‘free’ stuff is so limited if you don’t know how to customise it, so you end up paying to upgrade anyway.

When Ollie and I partnered up, my dreams finally came true! He could do all the coding I, as a designer, didn’t know how to, manipulate themes, and create just about anything I asked for from scratch if it didn’t already exist! So he could take all my design ideas and finally put them together into the websites I wanted.

And I’ve had so much experience now, that even when I do pay for something, I know when it’s worth it & when it’s not.

That’s what we bring you now. You can benefit from all our experience. What we aim for in all our packages – whether the pre-made options or fully custom – is to be as easy, upfront and straightforward as possible. Streamlining the process, takes out the unnecessary headaches & gives you a complete website design, installation and support team in one.

A Team on your side!

We bring you what we always wished we had!

You get our Team – Jessie, designer and illustrator and all-round support person, and Ollie, programmer and technical trouble shooter – and we have packaged together our diverse skills, to bring you everything we wished existed when we were struggling along alone.

And we can actually pass along savings to you, because of the access we have to bring all these skills and resources together. As well as extras we have access to as a design business that you would normally have to pay for separately – like the full Thrive Themes suite of plugins.

We have a set-up only package, if you want to DIY your website to keep costs way down, but want support getting started.

Or get a fully custom design where we do it all for you. We can even include things like graphics and social media set-up if you need it.

And you get the convenience, support and peace of mind of having us there to get it all going for you. Not being alone in this is probably the most priceless part! We will show you how to use the WordPress platform — so then you can do a lot of stuff yourself later on, like add pages, write blog posts etc. Or we can continue to help with us much as you need. And you’ve always got a friendly face to turn to if anything goes wrong. (Which we hope it doesn’t… but this is technology we are talking about.)

We never want you to feel alone in this process.

How we keep costs down.

While you could make your own website for not much more than the hosting costs, we know what it’s like to figure it all out on your own. It’s much more fun when you have a team of people who already have the skills you don’t have. Even if you could learn to do it all, sometimes you don’t have time, or you simply don’t want to.

Plus you want the end result to be the best it can be.

We want to make having a team on your side as affordable as possible, so individuals and small businesses can get a professionally designed website without having to have a big business budget. So we do this is a few ways:


We use WordPress.

When you are self-hosted, WordPress is free. It’s like a well set up framework, onto which you can hang whatever you want to put there. Things designed for WordPress are usually really well integrated with each other & just work – there is an abundance of themes and plugins and support available for sites made with WordPress. So not only does it not cost anything to use, it makes website more functional & flexible.

It also gives you a dashboard, from which you can manage your own website. Once we’ve made it and shown you how, you can do just about everything yourself from then on, with almost no technical knowledge. This saves you money, because it means later if you want too add more pages, or even if you want to make changes to the look and layout of your site, or manage your online shop — you can do all of this yourself, instead of paying someone else to do it for you.

(But if you still do want us to do things for you, that can be arranged too of course.)


We start with pre-made WordPress themes.

Even for the custom packages, we always start with a theme that’s already made. Sometimes free ones, often ‘premium’ which just means we pay for the licence to use them for you – between $30-100 usually.

This saves A LOT of hours of coding. The reasons some websites can cost many thousands of dollars, is because of the man-hours it takes to write all those lines of code, and to write it properly so it is SEO ready, responsive to whatever device someone is using, able to be edited easily etc etc. If you start with a theme someone has already made, you’re saving a lot. And we only use quality themes that are tried and tested.

That doesn’t mean you get a cookie cutter site that will look just like everyone else’s though, even if they use the same theme. Because we are a designer & programmer team, we always fully customise and adapt the theme to you. Many website developers we’ve seen will just take a theme, change a few colours and stick your logo in the header. But we will always design your site first around your branding & your logo, and then get the theme that brings that to life. Not the other way around.

So you get a professional, unique & custom theme without the totally custom-made price tag. There’s no need to pay to reinvent the wheel, when we can just take the already built wheel and customise it.

Using pre-made themes and then customising them is exactly what we do for our own websites too.

(Even the set-up only package includes a theme that is easily customisable, so you will be able to make it your own.)


We have access to agency licenses.

Because we can get access to more things at essentially “wholesale” prices, we pass those savings on to you. We can provide you with full access to the whole suite of Thrive Themes plugins for no extra cost to you, and can recommend and access a variety of other resources depending on your needs.


We have a diverse skill set & don’t have to outsource.

Because we are a team, and between us we have a wide range of skills and experience when it comes to programming, design, branding, social media management etc. we are able to do a lot of things that others would have to contract out. That saves time and money. Most of the time, if we need something, we can create it ourselves, so we are not having to pay others, or wait for others to get things done until we can keep going on your site.

We work from home, and like to keep things small and personal, rather than big and corporate. So that is reflected in both the approach to our work & our low overheads.


We are flexible and tailor-made.

We always endeavour to tailor everything, so you only pay for what you actually need, and don’t pay for stuff that you don’t.


And we are transparent.

We’ve seen others trying to “sell” you features as if they are valued way more than they actually are. Like having a ‘responsive’ site – if your website isn’t responsive these days, something is wrong. So this should just be box to tick, not a selling point feature.

We always try to be totally open about our process & the costs involved, and calculate fairly the price we charge you based on the number of hours it will take us put your site together and the costs incurred. We won’t inflate that. And we will always tell you upfront the prices of things like upgraded plugins if you request them – and wherever possible we use things that are free or that we already have the licence for.

We think you’ll see the true value in creating a website with us lies in our passion for doing meaningful work & that we truly care about you and your business; creating something worthwhile together really is the most important thing to us.


DIY but with support – from $250

We do the set up of your WordPress site for you – install WordPress on your hosting, link your domain name, set up your email, install a theme with demo content, install key plugins etc.

And then we hand it over to you, with detailed but straightforward instructions so that you can add and edit your own content & manage your own site from then on. An affordable solution to get you started on the right foot, be supported, but also self-sufficient.

If you can’t afford a custom package right now, or just want to create and manage your own website, get in touch and we can get you started!

Learn More


Every site is unique, so contact us for a custom quote based on your needs. We want to make sure you are getting everything you want and need, and not paying for anything you don’t. But to give you an idea, here is the ballpark pricing for custom sites. Flexible payment plans available for all.

  • From $850

    One-page site
    Hosting + domain
    Full support

  • + Hosting ( registering or transfer of domain name included)
  • + Website Design - One Page Site
  • + 12 months support

  • This includes designing your website, getting it up and running, teaching you how to use the interface to change details yourself if needed, and any ongoing support you need month to month.

  • Great for:

  • - Cafes who just need basic info & a menu

  • - A simple online presence that directs people to social media
  • Contact Us
  • From $1200

    Multi-page site
    Hosting + domain
    Full support

  • + Hosting (registration or transfer of domain name included)
  • + Website Design - approx. 5 pages
  • + 12 months support

  • This includes designing your website, getting it up and running, teaching you how to use the interface to change details yourself if needed, and any ongoing support you need month to month.

  • Great for:

  • - shops & cafes who want a few extra features

  • - bloggers, authors or artists
  • - businesses who want to add a blog to their site
  • - simple e-commerce (selling digital downloads, e-books)
  • Contact us
  • From $1900

    Multi-page + Commerce
    Hosting + domain
    Full support

  • + Hosting (registering or transfer of domain name included)
  • + Website Design - Multipage including Shop
  • + 12 months support

  • This includes designing your website, setting up the Shop page and related commerce settings, and/or an automated booking system, integration of payment gateways, SSL certificate, teaching you how to manage your inventory, and ongoing support.

  • Great for:

  • - Businesses that offer services that can be booked online

  • - Artists who want to sell their work
  • - Websites with both a content & online store focus
  • Contact Us


  • +

  • Photography package
  • - Photography session from 1hr
  • - Photo editing
  • - Inclusion on website
  • from $300
  • +

  • Managed Mailing List
  • - Mailing list integration
  • - Custom designed email newsletters
  • - Managed by us
  • from $15 / month
  • +

  • Social media management
  • - Resources & branding images
  • - Set up & management of social media
  • (including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • from $30 / month
  • +

  • Logos & branding
  • - Logo design
  • - Complete branding
  • from $250

Optional extras you can add to your packages. Most can be added for an additional monthly fee, but some may have some upfront costs.

These are just a sample of what is possible. We have a huge range of skills and experience when it comes to all areas of design, website management & social media, so can work with you for whatever you need.



Unless you request otherwise, all packages include as standard in the monthly price:

  • Website Design – responsive, built around your branding & integrated with your social media all standard.
  • Hosting
  • Ongoing Support

The price depends on the complexity of the design and your website needs. For example, sites needing an online shop with payment platform have more fees associated with them, and higher support needs, so may cost more, both upfront and ongoing. But this will all be discussed.

Then there are almost limitless extras, depending on your needs and budget, and how much you’d like us to hold your hand and walk you through it, or if you want to be mostly independent and just need us to help get you started.


** Note on hosting: we used to do hosting managed by us, but found that it was actually better for clients to sign up to their own hosting, as we are not big enough to offer the same features that a hosting company can at a better price.

So now we recommend SiteGround. After testing out a range of other options, including the more techy developer-only ones, we’ve switched to SiteGround for our own hosting too. They are reliable, fast and have great service and inclusions.

So for custom packages, you will sign up to hosting yourself, but we will take the first 12 months cost off the price of your web design package, so you are still getting 12 months hosting for free like offered in the past.

Extras might include:

  • Online store
  • Online booking systems
  • Managed mailing list
  • Social media management
  • Logos and branding
  • Photography packages (for your cafe or shop)
  • Copy or content for your site or blog

And more.

(Some extras, such as photography, may have an upfront cost, and some things like the payment gateways for online stores may have set up fees and ongoing fees for transactions. But we are always totally transparent and upfront about this & detail it all in your personalised quote. And almost always we can negotiate the monthly payment plans to avoid big, upfront costs to you.)

We aim to be full service, using the diverse range of skills of our team, so that you get an integrated package and personal attention from the very beginning, and all the way through — until you don’t need us anymore.


We are there as long as you need us, but also love to teach people to take charge of their own sites, if that’s what they’re aiming to do. Our systems are very much designed to be independent of us, so that you are not locked in to needing us for every little update. There is so much you can do yourself.

Which is why, unless you want to keep us on, after the initial 12 month package, the costs drop to only the cost of hosting – which you’d be paying wherever you get your website done. And most often this is only $10-15/month, and can often come with the domain name free.

Tailor Made

Whatever your needs, we can work with them. Packages are built around you. They include everything you need – and only what you need, so you’re not paying for features you don’t need.

E.g. If you already have a website, but it needs updating, we can work out an affordable package for that. If you just want us to set everything up, and you build the website yourself, we can do a Just the Basics hosting and set up package. If you’ve got things running yourself, but want to add an online store or a booking system, or some other feature, we can create a package for that.

Just let us know.

Flexible Payments

A few things will have some upfront costs – e.g. photography, because it is all done at the start & you get possession of the photos with the ability to use them however you want right away. Or the set-up of certain add-ons or plug-ins such a payment gateways which need to be paid in advance.

But overall, we can negotiate a payment plan to suit you. We will talk all about your options & your budget needs when you get in touch for a quote.

Ongoing Support

We offer you ongoing support throughout the whole process, and are there for assistance for the first 12 months of your package. We know how isolating it can feel trying to figure everything out & piece together bits on information from Google searches and incomplete ‘support’ documents to bring it all together. So instead, we streamline that for you.

Our aim is always to create a website for you that is easy to manage yourself, so that you can edit & update the content as needed, without needing someone else to do it for you. So as we get you set up, we also teach you how to use it all. Show what you do need to know, and what you can ignore.

If you want to be completely independent by the end, we’ll show you all of it, or if you just want basic control, we streamline it for you so that the deeper settings and configurations are in the background and can be left to take care of themselves.

And then for the 12 months of your package, we are always on hand for questions, if something goes wrong, or if you’ve forgotten how to do something. We’ll be there to point you in the right direction, give advice or fix up any problems.

Hourly rate:

We include for free up to 1 hour of support time per month for the 12 month package. (More than this in the initial couple of months as the website is created.) If the support you require will add up to more than this, we will let you know how much & go ahead if you are happy to pay the hourly rate of $40 p/h charged pro rata in 10 minute blocks. (This is a discounted rate for web package clients.)

So, what does the support not cover?

We love to help. We really put our heart & soul into every project we take on. Which means we have a tendency to become work-a-holics without even noticing. And that’s not good for anyone. So though we are always there to help, we do want to make clear some boundaries so that this is sustainable and beneficial for everyone.

This is for our protection & yours. This limits any one project overtaking our time and impacting on both our own quality of life, and the time spent on others’ projects too. We think work/life balance and boundaries are extremely important, so thank you for respecting ours, and we always encourage you to take care of yours too. We know how much time websites and running business can take!

So unless stated differently when we work out your package, standard support doesn’t include:

  • More than an hour per month worth of work.If you do need more support than this, we either plan for it in the package, so we can allocate that time as we are planning our projects. Or you book it in with us at an hourly rate. (See above.)
  • Us running your website for you. (Unless this was part of your package.)We fix any issues that arise, or things that need updating on our end. But the day-to-day running of your website is yours. That is what helps us keep our package prices at a lower starting point. But we also teach you and give you resources to help you with doing this yourself.
  • Substantive changes to the layout or design of your website, after the normal design and approval process. We will have shown you how to do some of these things yourself if you later decide you want a new page, a new header image, or a new feature that wasn’t part of the original design. But if you’d like us to make these changes for you, or you need something more significant that you don’t know how to do yourself — like adding an online shop in later etc — we will negotiate a new package or hourly rate.

Of course, if you do want us to be more hands on — to do regular maintenance of your website, to add or make changes to content etc, then we are always more than happy to do that.. Just get in touch – the prices will be different depending on the time involved. And we can do a lot of things in less time than you might think, so it often won’t cost you all that much.

After the initial 12 month period, if you still want ongoing support we can either extend your monthly payment package to include this, or you can hire us hourly as needed.

And we are friendly bunch, so just reach out — we are never going to leave you hanging, if you’re having trouble!