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Sigil Blade Fantasy Cover

$124.00 inc. GST

Additional Customisation


  • Book Title

  • Author name for cover

  • Optional subtitle or tagline for cover

  • Optional: One additional line of text e.g. Amazon Best Selling Author

Additional Customisation

    Note: not all colour changes are possible. Please contact before ordering if you have specific needs.

  • Describe your requested changes - I will get in touch to confirm with you, or discuss requests.


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Fantasy premade cover design.

Using elements of red and green, which hit fantasy and paranormal genre cues for darker fantasy and magic.


Finished cover: 1600 x 2650 px JPG file
(As per KDPs recommendations.)

Please read the full description before ordering, so you know the process and what is included!



Ideal if you have a fantasy or paranormal story, on the darker side, involving magic or supernatural powers of some kind. Your main character could be a badass witch, or witch hunter, a supernatural assassin or guardian, fallen angel, dark hero or even villain!

If you’re not sure if this is the right cover for your story, get in touch and let me know a bit more about your book, and I can advise before you purchase!

Or just snap this up now, and save it for a future story if it inspires you! (I only sell ONE of each cover, so once this is sold, it’s gone!)

** While I can help with advice, and I create covers with design and industry best practices in mind, so many factors go into the success of self publishing and selling books, so I cannot and do not guarantee any sort of results based on advice or cover designs. It’s up to you to decide whether the cover designs or any advice offered are right for you and your circumstances. **



– Book title
– Author name
– Optional tagline/subtitle

BONUS: glowing sigils!

This cover also has the option to add your own custom glowing runes/sigils or other symbols to the blade to suit your book. Once you’ve ordered, just send me a picture, sketch or description of what you’re looking for and I will hand-draw these into the design for you. (Included is adding up to 5 simple symbols or runes – if your design is very intricate and detailed, this may incur an extra fee. Get in touch before purchasing if you want a quote.)

I CUSTOMISE THE DESIGN TO YOUR TITLE – rest assured, I don’t just slap your title on the cover. I take the time to design and adjust the text and layout to your title and author name. Using the fonts used in the example, but with customised placement and any necessary manipulation – so your finished cover may look a little different to the example.

Let me know your details in the ADD YOUR PERSONALISATION field in the listing – or you can send these details later if you’re not sure yet.



Colour changes or changes to the font or typography design beyond what is described above will incur additional fees – you can choose these changes as you are ordering. If you are not sure about anything, please contact me prior to ordering.

NOTE: This cover has been designed intentionally with colour theory in mind – the complementary colours of red and green tones help create contrast, interest and a stand out cover. If you request colour changes, e.g. you want to eyes to be a different colour to match your character, I will happily go with what you want, but I can help advise you on what will work best to not compromise the effectiveness of the design.

(Alternative cover dimensions or file formats available on request, but may incur additional fees also.)



Add these on during ordering to save! You can request them later too, but fees may be higher.


3D Mock Up & Social Media Template Bundle

  • Includes a 3D mock up (of a single book if ordering eBook cover only, or multiple if also ordering print and/or audiobook options)
  • Canva templates of Facebook Page cover image & Instagram sized image. These will be designed to match your book, but as a Canva template these are also editable!



Can’t find a premade that works? Or want something totally bespoke to your book? I design completely custom cover designs too – just get in touch with more details about your book!

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