Information we collect:

Your name and email address may be collected, always with your permission through the sign up forms, for the purposes of keeping in touch with you via email, and sending you any offers that you request, and communication about programs and memberships.

You are always free to unsubscribe at any time and your information will be removed from our systems. Your private information is never sold. And it will never be shared with third parties without your express permission, except in the case of where it is necessary to complete a service you are requesting, such as completing a checkout process in the online shop or appointment booking systems.

Your credit card or payment information is not stored, and is collected through reliable third party systems only, such as PayPal and Stripe. Please see those for information on their company privacy policies.

Cookies are active, for the purpose of making your experience more user friendly, remembering previous visits to the site etc.

Third party applications such as Google, Google Analytics & Facebook may collect or link to some information, such as your IP address, and linking to your account securely, for the purposes of remembering your login information, remembering your previous visits to the site, and tracking non personally identifying information for the purpose of analytics and statistics about visitors and traffic to this site.

This information is never stored by us, and the secure information such as passwords is not seen or stored by anyone you haven’t given express permission to, e.g. Facebook itself.

There may be some third party advertising displayed on the site at times, which uses this same demographics and online behaviour to show you relevant offers. We keep this to a minimum.