Jessie Renée Writes – Author Website

Design & logo for author/artist website

This is a WEBSITE & LOGO DESIGN for an author website.

Logo design for an author site, that also links to art projects. This is my own (Jessie’s) site – since I’m a multi-passionate fiction author and artist, I have gone through several re-designs of my website trying to encompass everything. I don’t necessarily recommend it! But it can be done.

The logo is part of an overall website design still in progress. But the general brief, encompassing different artforms in the one site, is to communicate both something of the author/artist & the genre worked in. As a predominantly YA Fantasy, Paranormal & Sci-Fi author, I wanted to represent these genres, but with a feminine touch. As that’s who I am, and that comes out in my writing. Adventure, magic & nearly always romance.

The arrow is suggestive of the quill, but doesn’t limit it to writing only like a feather would, as it also is suggestive of action, adventure, momentum.

Book cover designs & 3D mock-ups are also my own work. I will add more to this portfolio entry once the website is done.