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Capture the day to day moments - a special time, or an ordinary day, there is magic in each.

With a story telling style, I will unobstrusively capture your family as you go about your life. The interactions, the smiles and tears, from the little details and the big emotions.


  • A new baby in the home
  • The little moments while your kids are young
  • Time with a visiting grandparent
  • The ordinary magic of a family dinner
  • A day in the life of your homeschooling family
  • The rhythms of a weekend in your home

There is a story to be told, and memories to be captured, no matter what your lifestyle.

You don't have to do anything special - I will observe and document without affecting your normal life as much as possible. I love to find the threads running through your life, the personality of your family and home, and capture this in photographs. So that you can keep those memories forever, of the day-to-day that is so special when we see it with gratitude, even the hard moments. And to give you a special glimpse into your own life through the lens, in a way you might not have seen yourself before.

I honour and respect the priviledge of access to your life in this way. And I will create a photobook of our time together that expresses the uniqueness of your family.


A Day in the Life...

Have you ever wanted a photographer to follow

you around for day to capture your life?