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Play store review

Brilliant! I don't normally leave reviews (I know, my bad) but I Love this app. I've even got my siblings to download it. There are plenty of poses and I love that you can have multiple routines.


Play store review

Finally, the best yoga timer! Thank you! Easy, clear ui with just enough customization and added presets for an added plus 


Play store review

Pleased!! I don't often leave reviews, but this was exactly what I was looking for and very user friendly. Thanks!!

Practice your way: Custom Sequences and Flows

Create unlimited yoga routines from 180+ asanas, set the timing, drag and drop to rearrange, and save sequences you use frequently as a template for later.


Create and Edit Sequences and Flows

Intuitive drag and drop to rearrange your poses, and set the timing for each, to create your perfect flow of any length.

Over 180+ poses to choose from

Create your completely custom flow from your favourite yoga asanas, from beginner to advanced.

Track your Stats

Calendar view shows you at a glance how many days you’ve practiced yoga, as well the length of individual sessions, most used poses + total time spend practicing.

Full 7 day free trial

Then just the tiny price of $4.99 (USD) as a once off payment for unlimited LIFETIME access. Yoga in your pocket forever.

Never Miss an Update

Get notified when new yoga routines are uploaded, and when myYogaTimer is available in the Apple app store.