the business start up package.

Your Business... launched!

the start up package

All your design needs, taken care of.

You've got the big idea, the service people need, the business you've been dreaming of - now get everything you need to launch it into the world, all in one place!

Logo + Website + Premium Plugins + Social Media = Business LAUNCHED!

We could have your business out in the world by next month! What are you waiting for?

the complete package

What's included?

Brand Design

This is not just your logo - though of course the logo is included! Brand design includes the whole personality of your business, from the design style guide, to the ethos and message and experience your customers will have with you, from first encounter -> loyal fan!

stand out

Optimised Website

On brand, beautiful, fast and seo optimised website - with premium plugins included, to help you build your customer base, capture leads, and sell your products or services!


Integrated Socials

All your socials set up, on brand, and integrated with your website, - with a content plan in place - for a complete customer journey that all leads to more sales, faster growth, and a loyal fans!


Personal Touches

Social media templates, that you can continue to use and adapt? Personal brand photography, product photography, your own cache of "stock" images totally tailored to you? Membership site? A totally custom app? 

All of this and more, is possible!


more than just brand design

this is business design.


Website & SEO

Social media


sales funnel design

email marketing

Customers served! 5 hrs + how many hours could you save?  

your business...


Business owners doing it all themselves can spend hundreds of hours on just getting started, figuring out the design, the set up, the tech, the systems - I should know, I've started multiple businesses in the last couple of decades! 

In the early days, the set up could delay ever actually getting to the launch stage - tech malfunctions, dodgy, inconsistent design, total to-do list overwhelm. But now the set up is my favourite part - and I want to make it fun, fast & easy for you too!

Rather than spending hours muddling through to learn all the things you don't know - hours that could be better spent actually launching and growing your business and generating income! - let us smooth the pathway for you. Get a consistent, magnetic brand set up - so you can launch sooner!

We provide a whole brand roadmap - and get it all set up for you. Then teach you how to use it!

Branding & Marketing

Your brand is so much more than just the logo - your brand design package includes clarifying the positioning and message of your business, so you can magnetise your ideal clients with every piece of your business!

Design & Development

With the foundation of your dream brand in place, we create a whole customer journey to delight them at every stage, with a website and system in place that's simple, effective and beautiful!

Conversion & Strategy

You don't just get a logo and website thrown at you then let off into the wild to figure it out on your own from there! No way! I am passionate about making sure you have a plan in place, and know how to use your shiny new brand and website to actually do the thing that this is all about - attract your ideal clients, make sales, and have a bunch of fun doing it!

package options

What suits you best?


Everything you need. Sorted. $7500




  • Complete Brand Design
  • Complete Website Design
  • Premium Plugins
  • Social Media Template Pack
  • Brand or Product photography
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Discounts on additional services
I am passionate about getting you the best return on your investment.

Your brand design, website and photography isn't just some pretty images and graphics - it is all about expressing your brand, attracting your ideal customer, and taking them on a journey. I am just as invested as you in reaching your goals with your brand and design!


Photographer + DEsigner at Edge Effect Media

I've been obsessed with websites, photography + building businesses for two decades now! It is my favourite thing in the world to help you start or grow a thriving business or brand that delights both you and your customers!



This one is especially for locals, and includes product and brand photography. But get in touch - we can tailor something to you that doesn't require me coming to your physical business.


This is the all-in-one package that includes the whole branding and website process at huge discounts. But what if you already have some of these elements? That's no problem - just get in touch and we will talk about how we can totally tailor it to you.

If you have an existing business, but want a rebrand - that is essentially the same as starting from scratch. But if you have certain elements you want to keep - e.g. your current logo or branding, or existing brand photography, then we can reduce the prices in line with that.

Keep in mind, removing the logo and brand design assumes you have a full brand design already. This is colours, messaging, graphic elements, and style guide, not just a logo. If you don't have a full brand style guide already, we will have to go through that process anyway for your website design. That's why this package is all inclusive and gives you a big discount - because it all goes a lot smoother (and saves you time and money!) because I can ensure you have absolutely everything you need, done in the right order!


Let me know what you're looking for, and I'll get back to you ASAP with more details.