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5+ Benefits of Scheduling Instagram Posts (with Tailwind now posting DIRECT!)

Did you know, you can now post straight to Instagram through Tailwind!!

If you don’t know why this is a big deal & why I’m excited about it, you may never have tried scheduling your Instagram posts before!

The Old Way of Scheduling to Instagram

The lay of the land used to be that Instagram didn’t allow ANY third party apps (except the dodgy ones that did it anyway, but you don’t want to touch those) to post directly to Instagram on your behalf.

So if you used a scheduler for your Instagram posts, you could plan them out ahead of time, but when it came to the set time to post it, the scheduler would ‘push’ the post to your phone. So you’d get a notification, and have to open up the app then to basically still manually post it.

You would paste in your pre-written caption, so that saved time. But you’d still have to be on your phone, doing it manually, to get the post up there.

I admire the way Instagram stuck to its guns, wanting the platform to remain ‘INSTAnt’, I suppose. But when you’re using Instagram for business, trying to build a consistent brand presence - and just trying to not have to be on social media all the live long day to do so!! - well, then, this new development is a long awaited game changer.

The New Way of Scheduling - Auto-Post to Instagram!

Now you can set it & it will post automatically, straight to Instagram on your behalf. (You need to switch to a Business profile on Instagram first.) Pre-plan your posts and captions and hashtags, and know that it will go out when you want it to. No more watching out for, or missing, notifications, or having to be on your phone at certain times.

Get started free to try it out.*

(*I am a Tailwind affiliate, so I may receive some commission if you stay with the paid version of Tailwind after your free trial, at no extra cost to you. But I only recommend Tailwind because I use it and love it. I had only been using it for Pinterest, but now with this auto-post capability, I'm finally using it for Instagram too!)

And if you're not sure why scheduling your Instagram post would benefit you, see below for 5+ reasons I think it's so helpful - for consistency and for sanity!!

5+ benefits of scheduling your Instagram posts through Tailwind

(Some of these are the general benefits of scheduling that already existed, but now are made so much better by the ability to have them auto-posted instead of the old system.)

- Post consistently & at the best times:

Even if you can't get to your phone at those times. Timezones, interruptions, feeding the kids, being out and not wanting to stop to post, working on something else and don't want to be distracted, or just plain forgetting - no longer a problem!

Tailwind has a smart scheduler - it will suggest times for you to post, or you can set it manually, and you can choose how many time slots you want to have per day. And then when you schedule your posts, those slots will be automatically filled.

So you don't actually have to be on social media all the live long day to post regularly!

Of course, you still want to be present and engaging with people for real - and if you don't even like Instagram, then I recommend not bothering and putting your energy elsewhere. But even if you do love Instagram, you don't want to be on it ALL the time - so this gives you the flexibility to still post often, but then only go onto the platform when it suits you.

This is great for me, as I tend to switch off all my notifications on my phone so I'm not distracted, and choose the times I am free to be focused and properly present & intentional with it - so the old scheduling reminder never worked for me anyway, as I'd always miss the notifications.

So this new auto-posting capability is so good!

- Preview your grid:

You can see how your feed is going to look before committing to posting, so you can plan out the best look. And then just shift them around.

I love this, as I'm always trying to get a balance of the colours in my posts, like not posting two white ones right next to each other, or two many dark coloured images in a row etc.

- Be more intentional in your posting:

Planning out what you are going to post can help you be more organised, you can 'batch' your content, and not have it take up so much time every single day. Also, you can see the bigger picture - the overall message of your profile, the way your posts connect and flow into each other, and tell a story. Rather than deciding at the last minute every time, 'Oh, I better put something up!' or 'Dang it, I've forgotten to post  anything for 3 days again!'

Not that you can't still be spontaneous. If posting every day as you go is what works for you then that's great - but if you do find yourself forgetting, struggling for inspiration at the last minute, or being really inconsistent with what and when you're posting - scheduling can be a great sanity & energy saving tool!

- Do it from your COMPUTER! 

My old Instagram workflow used to involve a combination of Dropbox, Evernote, syncing and copy-pasting between my computer and phone. It worked, but it definitely involved a lot of steps every time I wanted to post something.

I often use images that have been taken on my camera, not my phone, or things I've made in Canva. And I'd write my captions in Evernote. But if I edited or made them ahead of time and saved them, I'd sometimes forget if or what I'd posted. Or just be put off by doing the process every single day.

So I love being able to do it all from my computer now. (They do have an iOS app though too.)

You can also save posts as drafts in Tailwind, so have a lot of content ready and waiting to go. Great for batching, and being more efficient in your workflow.

- Save lists of HASHTAGS!

You can save multiple lists for different kinds of posts or to test out different groups of hashtags & then just insert them easily as you're scheduling with the click of a button.

I used to copy and paste from a saved note in Evernote, but this is so much easier.

Plus, Tailwind also gives you recommendations on the best hashtags to use based on how popular or competitive they are. (See the example in the screenshot below.) You want hashtags that are popular enough that they will actually help you get views, but not so heavily used that you just disappear down the feed buried in a million other posts in seconds.

(The recommendation is to use mostly 'Good' and 'Best' with maybe one or two competitive ones, and a couple of the more targeted 'Niche' ones if there are any.)

It also shows you how many of the 30 hashtag limit you've used. (That's Instagram's limit, not Tailwind's.)

Use Tailwind for Instagram to schedule your posts & see recommended hashtags & save lists ready to go! |


Seriously, I'm re-convincing myself here - I'd become a bit halfhearted about Instagram scheduling - had mostly stopped using it and was just manually posting or 'hacking' a kind of pre-planned schedule with multiple programs and apps. 

But now that Tailwind can post it directly to Instagram, I'm realising I could be planning out a month of Instagram content in a few hours, and only having to go on Instagram itself when is actually convenient and best for me!

How about you? Do you think Instagram scheduling would benefit you?

(Remember you can get started for free to try it out and see.)

5+ reasons to schedule Instagram posts with Tailwind - especially now that you can auto-post!! Streamline your business instagram workflow, to save time & sanity. Use Tailwind for Instagram to schedule your posts, see recommended hashtags, save lists ready to go, and more. |


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Mandie Bricereply
February 09, 2018 at 05:02 PM

This sounds so great. I have been wanting something like this for a while. I’ve heard of tailwind, but haven’t used it. Does it work for other platforms, too?

February 09, 2018 at 05:02 PM
– In reply to: Mandie Brice

Yeah, its pretty great! Tailwind can be used for Pinterest too, which is what I mainly used it for until now.

February 09, 2018 at 11:02 PM

Why do you prefer tailwind over other scheduling platforms? I love the reasons you have given and I am almost inclined switch

February 09, 2018 at 11:02 PM
– In reply to: Michelle

I tried boardbooster briefly, and it has a few different features, but in a nutshell prefer the interface of Tailwind. Plus its also officially approved by pinterest, and by instagram, allowing it to do the auto posting now.

There are other options for instagram, like hootsuite is doing auto posting too, and other social media scheduling, but I don’t use Twitter and I schedule within Facebook itself. And most don’t do Pinterest.

So Tailwind definitely makes the most sense for me, as Pinterest and Instagram are the main ones I use & I can do them both in the same place.

February 14, 2018 at 07:02 PM

Its so hard to keep up with all the changes! This post is fantastic and gives me a nice place to start. Thanks!

February 14, 2018 at 08:02 PM

I’m going to try this out with Pinterest first, I’ve heard great things about it. Does instagram look down on these third party apps?

February 14, 2018 at 08:02 PM
– In reply to: Max

Yes, I love it for Pinterest.

I think it’s too early to know how Instagram will treat scheduled posts, as the auto post feature is so new. But it would be weird of them to approve a new feature and then penalise people for using it! They’ve only allowed certain, officially approved third parties to have access to it, so for now I’d say it’s pretty safe to use.

February 14, 2018 at 09:02 PM

Thanks for explaining this. I hadn’t really thought of all the benefits to auto-posting to Instagram like this. And it’s good to know that this can be done from the computer. Trying to do everything on the phone can be tedious sometimes.

February 14, 2018 at 09:02 PM

This is a fantastic post! very good to learn this stuff as I am still new!

Elise Horeply
February 15, 2018 at 09:02 PM

I love that you can now automate this platform. I am still working on some other automation so I will need to loop back to this one. One step at a time, right?

February 22, 2018 at 11:02 PM
– In reply to: Elise Ho

Yes, definitely, one step at a time!

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