What I learned from a Year Without Buying Clothes (hint: it wasn’t about the clothes.)

(Edited to add: This is an old post from a previous blog. Since I first wrote this post, even more changes have happened. Massive ones. Follow up post HERE.)

When I decided to try going a full year without buying clothes – not even second hand or op-shopping – it was motivated by a discovery. I came across a small cupboard in my house. It was in the living room. At the time, it was serving as a makeshift TV stand. Even though my husband and I had been teachers for a few years at this point, we still hadn’t graduated out of impoverished student mode, where your furniture is mismatched and make-do, and not infrequently claimed off the side of the road during hard rubbish season. (Which I still do, anyway…)

So I’d like to point out, that even at this stage, I was living within my means. I didn’t consider myself a materialistic person.

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One Day in Sydney for Introverts

There are about a thousand and one things you could do in Sydney if you only have one day. A lot of them will cost rather large amounts of money, and will require expending rather large amounts of energy.

And for budget-conscious and spontaneous travellers like us, the ticket prices on things like the tower, the aquarium & Madame Tassauds, plus the requirement to actually plan your visit and book an arrival time — well, nope, basically.

You expect us to know when we are going to arrive somewhere, Sydney? Don’t be silly. We don’t even know what time we’ll be getting out of bed. And not to mention the crowds….

So if you’re an introvert or just a weary traveller finding yourself, like us, compelled to hit the highlights, visit the most iconic of cities — since, well, you’re passing right by it and you may as well… then

Here’s our guide to doing Sydney introvert style:

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How to explain to a 4 year old why Mummy is going away.

I’ve grown used to being misunderstood. When it comes to explaining why I am doing what I am doing — travel, ending my marriage, what I eat, what I believe — I’ve come to the realisation that all the words in the world aren’t enough to explain when someone doesn’t want to understand.

So when I leave Adelaide in December and don’t arrive back in Australia until August next year, I am quite aware of what some people are going to think. Or at least that I am going to be judged for it, perhaps harshly — at least as harshly as I already have been for my choices thus far. Continue reading “How to explain to a 4 year old why Mummy is going away.”

He reached out and grabbed reality and promised to never let it go

The green plants with all the insects, alas we have become selfish. He threw his beer glass down and stormed out, determined to make a difference. He knew he wasn’t living right. That we had been lured into an easy way of life, but had missed the shades of green, the bees pollinating the flowers, the small roots expanding into a giant. The transforming, morphing of the world. One shape to the next, a small seed to miniature leaves, to an adolescent to a full tree. How does it know what form to fill, what shape to become? He reached out and grabbed reality and promised to never let it go. To hold onto it no matter the storms that may brew or the evil that may grow. Allow it to evaporate and glide into the blues skies, the swaying trees. The infinite depth of the wind rustling the bamboo, the stream flowing through its porous roots. He gave himself to the land, it could no longer lay external to him. He became part of it. He had come home.