A Solo Bike Tour of Japan

The cold wind ran down the valley’s throat, guiding it into the basins of the landscape. Pedalling against the moving atmosphere, a man slogged up the hill, moving towards the landscapes peak. As he exhausted himself, his head thoroughly swarming and swirling, like a fish tank in transit, he questioned himself, his reality. He questioned the now trivial actions that had once consumed his moral apparatus, the hollow meaningfulness of the unsubsist-full life. He relished the unconformist nature of what he was doing, floating unattached like a balloon in the wind. At the mercy of the tides of nature, flowing in and out with the ebbs of the seasons and weather. The rain had now turned to snow. The small crystal balls pelted his skin. No system encompassed what he was doing, he was as free as the birds he had once envied. Continue reading “A Solo Bike Tour of Japan”

One Day in Sydney for Introverts

There are about a thousand and one things you could do in Sydney if you only have one day. A lot of them will cost rather large amounts of money, and will require expending rather large amounts of energy.

And for budget-conscious and spontaneous travellers like us, the ticket prices on things like the tower, the aquarium & Madame Tassauds, plus the requirement to actually plan your visit and book an arrival time — well, nope, basically.

You expect us to know when we are going to arrive somewhere, Sydney? Don’t be silly. We don’t even know what time we’ll be getting out of bed. And not to mention the crowds….

So if you’re an introvert or just a weary traveller finding yourself, like us, compelled to hit the highlights, visit the most iconic of cities —┬ásince, well, you’re passing right by it and you may as well… then

Here’s our guide to doing Sydney introvert style:

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