You Can Create the Life You Want

There are things in life that might seem small, inconsequential, nothing at all to others that are big deals to me. Things I didn’t expect.

Right before I started writing this, sitting in bed at my parents’ house, I heard the rubbish truck sounds outside.

And I got this rush of anxiety; my body actually cringed and constricted in a strange kind of fear. All in a split second. But I noticed it, and I realised what it was.

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How would you live if you were a VIP?

I’ve spent a lot of years (whole life?) feeling like not a very important person. Never mind being a VIP, I’ve hardly felt like an IP. Often not even just a P.

More like a piece of chewed up gum that someone is now frustrated at because they have to stop and find a stick to scrape me off their shoe.

This, clearly, is not a very fun way to feel. And it definitely doesn’t lead to a life filled with success and purpose and fulfilled potential.

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24 hours of doing whatever the hell I want

All day I had felt tense. Locked up. My body and mind tight with the balancing act of weighing all the expectations — those I perceived others had of me, those soceity implies exist even if never directly, and those I had of myself.

I’ve been working my way through a process of dropping the weight of other people’s expectations, of learning to not care if I’m not what society demands. And sometimes I feel like I’m doing okay at that.

But then, like this particular day, when I feel a tension in my body that makes me want to crawl out of my skin, I realise I might still have a way to go.

Because even as I shed weights off my shoulders, it is in my mind that I find there are still bonds. Beliefs I have absorbed and taken on. Words that speak with the sound of my own voice, a running commentary on everything I do — “You can’t do that. You can’t be that. You’ve got to be responsible. You’ve got to be better than this. You can’t do just whatever the hell you want.”

But this day, in recognising this running monologue, I finally answered back.

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How going Paleo taught me life lessons

I’m not here to convert you to Paleo. My life is was ‘Paleofied’, I guess you could say. But I don’t like labels, I don’t like bandwagons… I tend to shy away from subscribing to any one thing whole heartedly. Because I think in everything there’s a bit of truth, and probably a lot that isn’t. Some things just have these things in a different balance.

I’m definitely not Paleo now, though I still love ‘paleofied’ cafes because you know it’s real food.

But over all, Paleo was a convenient catch-all for me, to help narrow down all the information available to something more manageable, when I was learning to take charge of my own health. I started there, both filtering and expanding further for myself.

I’m certainly not saying we should live like cavemen. I’m not saying we should eschew all modern conveniences. I’m not even saying you should be Paleo. (This post is not even about the food, specifically.)

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Little Discoveries : Massive Changes (Follow up to a Year Without Buying Clothes)

This began back in 2011, pre-baby, pre-divorce, when I discovered a cupboard of shoes I’d forgotten I had. (Read that post first HERE.)

That little discovery sent me on a life-transforming journey of epic proportions.

I didn’t know this at the time. I had no idea what was coming. All I did was respond to a little prick of conscience that told me, “Hey — this life you’re living… it’s not quite right. It’s not what you want. It’s not lining up with your values and who you really are. You need to do something about this.”

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What I learned from a Year Without Buying Clothes (hint: it wasn’t about the clothes.)

(Edited to add: This is an old post from a previous blog. Since I first wrote this post, even more changes have happened. Massive ones. Follow up post HERE.)

When I decided to try going a full year without buying clothes – not even second hand or op-shopping – it was motivated by a discovery. I came across a small cupboard in my house. It was in the living room. At the time, it was serving as a makeshift TV stand. Even though my husband and I had been teachers for a few years at this point, we still hadn’t graduated out of impoverished student mode, where your furniture is mismatched and make-do, and not infrequently claimed off the side of the road during hard rubbish season. (Which I still do, anyway…)

So I’d like to point out, that even at this stage, I was living within my means. I didn’t consider myself a materialistic person.

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How to explain to a 4 year old why Mummy is going away.

I’ve grown used to being misunderstood. When it comes to explaining why I am doing what I am doing — travel, ending my marriage, what I eat, what I believe — I’ve come to the realisation that all the words in the world aren’t enough to explain when someone doesn’t want to understand.

So when I leave Adelaide in December and don’t arrive back in Australia until August next year, I am quite aware of what some people are going to think. Or at least that I am going to be judged for it, perhaps harshly — at least as harshly as I already have been for my choices thus far. Continue reading “How to explain to a 4 year old why Mummy is going away.”