Community and Individualism – is there a right way?

Any time I have a reaction of vehement disagreement towards someone or some thing – or actually, any reaction of disagreement stronger than mild but bored curiosity – I try to remember to consider closely the whys of my reaction as much as the idea to which I am reacting.

So when I read this statement from a Hmong woman:

“All men and women are mostly the same, most of the time. Everybody knows that.” (Hmong Grandmother, p 42, Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert)

I found myself having an internal reaction that I thought was worth paying attention to.

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How going Paleo taught me life lessons

I’m not here to convert you to Paleo. My life is was ‘Paleofied’, I guess you could say. But I don’t like labels, I don’t like bandwagons… I tend to shy away from subscribing to any one thing whole heartedly. Because I think in everything there’s a bit of truth, and probably a lot that isn’t. Some things just have these things in a different balance.

I’m definitely not Paleo now, though I still love ‘paleofied’ cafes because you know it’s real food.

But over all, Paleo was a convenient catch-all for me, to help narrow down all the information available to something more manageable, when I was learning to take charge of my own health. I started there, both filtering and expanding further for myself.

I’m certainly not saying we should live like cavemen. I’m not saying we should eschew all modern conveniences. I’m not even saying you should be Paleo. (This post is not even about the food, specifically.)

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Little Discoveries : Massive Changes (Follow up to a Year Without Buying Clothes)

This began back in 2011, pre-baby, pre-divorce, when I discovered a cupboard of shoes I’d forgotten I had. (Read that post first HERE.)

That little discovery sent me on a life-transforming journey of epic proportions.

I didn’t know this at the time. I had no idea what was coming. All I did was respond to a little prick of conscience that told me, “Hey — this life you’re living… it’s not quite right. It’s not what you want. It’s not lining up with your values and who you really are. You need to do something about this.”

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